Project2X LTD is an international venture capital fund, so our client could be anyone who is interested in passive earnings no matter where he lives. The company cooperates with investors around the world. For convenience of investments and for money transferring the company uses the popular electronic payment methods: PerfectMoney, Payeer, Payza and Bitcoin.

The lack of direct bank deposit and the use of other methods of remittances help us to avoid unnecessary transfer commissions and fees, get rid of paying additional taxes and don't limit the sizes of our transactions. We do not use payment processors with any daily limits or restrictions whatsoever.


) To start investing using PerfectMoney, please register your account and top up your balance by using this link:

To add funds to your USD wallet of PerfectMoney, please use one of the official exchange services: It is easy and safe.


In order to start investing using Payeer, register at this link:

To refill your Payeer account, you can use the internal exchanger: or top up directly through your account via international credit card, bank wire or money transfer systems.


To know in detail how the Bitcoin works, how to register a wallet (BTC address) and where you can buy BTC please visit this website: There you will find how to refill your Bitcoin account in your country:


To register your Payza account for personal use, click on the link: and fill out a form.

To exchange Payza e-currency you can use any "In-Exchange" and "Out-Exchange" service from the following list: