Affiliate program

We are totally sure that any business needs additional promotion. Especially if you're building such worldwide online business as we do. Project2X LTD also faced with a choice of ways how to develop a promotional strategy. The company's specialists have decided to expend an advertising budget at encouraging active participants which attract new investors in the project. We believe that together we can do a lot!

To popularize Project2X LTD online and outside the internet the company offers a three-tiered system of referral rewards.
  • If a new investor uses your referral link to register an account and makes a deposit you automatically receive 6% commission.
  • If your direct referral is also active user and attracts new investors, you will get 2% of the size of each their deposit.
  • The third level of referral scheme involves your referral reward in the amount of 1%.

To participate in the affiliate program you should find a unique referral link in your account and share this by legal means. You can send it to your friends, family members or colleagues. You can also use this link as a signature on the forums that are dedicated to online investment or on the pages of your personal blog or website. Try to avoid unwanted email messages with your referral link (so-called spam mailing). If we get complaints from our clients who receive such emails, we will introduce certain sanctions against you: your account will be frozen pending clarification of the situation; also your referral bonuses will be blocked.